Monday, April 4, 2011

Random Joe tells all

Anyone else think the most entertaining part of wow is the new Looking for Dungeon feature? I enjoy it so much I have created a guild based around it. Its call "we vote kick noobs"!

We are focused on using the Random BG or LFD tool to level our alts. Most of my comments and statistics will be coming from my experience using the LFD/BG tool and the answers from my poll questions.

So did anyone read the blue post about DK's, Warriors and Feral Druids not having CC. They state most heroic runs cant be completed without some form of CC. Does anyone else find it odd that these 3 classes have more interrupts than most? Why is it that a Shaman that has a crowd control tops the charts on interrupts? (for example)

Cata heroics are focused around avoidable damage. So people use cc to temporarily disable one of the mobs casting that avoidable damage. Shouldn't the focus be putting more emphasis on the interrupt classes to interrupt. After the cc is over they still need to be interrupted? I remember a time when rogues would use seperate vent channels to coordinate kicks on KT. Is Azeroth turning into idiocracy?

Disclaimer: I dont care what you think, as I am of Adonis dna.

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